'Book on Bookis a transparent paperweight that holds down the pages of a novel. It keeps the pages from flipping and allows the user to eat, drink, or sit back while reading.

protect the book from ur tears

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Sometimes I think to myself, “do I really want to buy another chocolate bar?”
And then I remember that there is a super volcano under Yellowstone that is 40,000 years overdue and when it erupts it could potentially cover most of north America in ash and create a volcanic winter that kills half the worlds population
And I’m like, fuck yeah I want that chocolate bar

This is one of the most inspiring posts i’ve ever seen

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2x04 | 4x02

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This deserves more notes

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Crying does not indicate that you are weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you are alive.
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Love is something we wait for. We imagine our first kiss, our first sex, our first I love you. But we never imagine our first heartbreak. Maybe because it’s too painful to even imagine. But in a way, the pain of love is what truly changes us.


no but remember that time when sherlock first saw john had grown a mustache and within moments he was thoughtfully going like THIS:



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For every woman is at heart a witch.
Aradia, Gospel of the Witches (Charles G. Leland, 1899)

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I want you and I don’t want to be a luxury. I want you to need me. I want you to not be able to concentrate because you’re thinking about me. I want you to reach for your phone because you thought of something you have to share with me. I want you to not even be able to breathe at the thought of never seeing me again, because that’s how I feel about you.


do you ever see a person you used to be friends with and you’re like “glad i got the fuck outta that one”

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